I never intended to write a memoir…

An old friend, Gertrude Terry, is responsible. She asked me to join a writing group in her home once a week. She had this caveat: I had to work on a memoir or I couldn’t come. Her stipulation seemed a fair exchange to enjoy her company along with the company of other writers.

I wish that I had kept a daily journal. A journal would be a ready point of reference. At 90+ years of age, I have a few notes jotted down from time to time and a couple of scrapbooks that my father pasted up with clippings of stories I covered as a journalist. But, I never kept a journal and that I regret. The downside of that negligence is that I’m stuck with mainly memory that whispers my own history back to me. The fear in such a circumstance is that I will remember nothing of importance and everything is, as Margaret Mitchell wrote, gone with the wind.

Everybody has constants as they move through life season after season, year after year, boundaries that anchor and shape thoughts and actions. A philosophy is developed by which to live, a tenacity to absorb blows, grace under pressure, forgiving in victory. When you reach 90+ years of age, as I have, you become a linchpin with the past. I remember people and events I saw as a journalist–those titans of politics and giants of business who are unknown to younger people. These recollections mean something to me, the part I played, but perhaps not to the young. They are busy accumulating memories of their own, hopefully to pass on someday.

Gertrude Terry and Russ Freeburg ~ Arcadia Bluffs, MI – August 2015

6 thoughts on “I never intended to write a memoir…”

  1. Russ, I am enjoying your memoir, and now find myself envious that you, Gertrude, and others, had a writing group…how I wish for that kind of friendly criticism and encouragement!


  2. Russ, I’ve just gotten started on your book, and can’t wait to really delve into it. I missed seeing everyone last summer, and already have my plane ticket for June 24. Just got off the phone with my daughter Beth, who was in the middle of making plane reservations and wanted to coordinate with me. I’m sure the time will get here before we know it.


  3. Keep writing – when you lived next door I was always impressed with your ability to cover the word events with your own unique views and not those of the politicians. Congratulations!
    Evelyn Moore (and daughter Paula)


    1. Evelyn, it’s nice to hear from old friends and neighbors in Virginia. Of the houses the Freeburg family lived in through the years 1801 Courtland Road will always be my favorite one. Thank you for your comment. Hello to you Paula.


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