A Print Journalist’s Story

3/12/2019 – My 96th Birthday was last week… I’m not the Young Turk of yesteryear; I’m less of a participant in events and more of an observer. It’s not my working world anymore. But, no one can take from me the experiences I had from starting as a copy boy at the City News Bureau of Chicago to become managing editor of the Chicago Tribune, a renowned and storied newspaper. I keep up with things going on, who’s doing what. But, I’m not in the actionable crucible anymore, no longer in the hustle and bustle of a journalist’s daily life. I muse and read more. I comprehend a changed world, even encourage it. Still, I stay loyal to my time, and that’s where my story lies in the pages of this book as I mix my own career with the decline of the newspaper industry.

Growing old, as I have, I’ve become a linchpin with the past. I remember people and events I saw as a journalist, earlier titans of politics and giants of business, who may be unknown to younger people. These recollections mean something to me, the part I played. They create an intimacy, a comforting solitude, which comes with putting my thoughts down on paper at the end of my era.

Everybody has their yesterdays: for me there was my boyhood in the Midwest, soldiering on the battlefields of Europe, covering the White House in our nation’s capital, fighting to bring a staid and stationary Chicago Tribune kicking and screaming into the last half of the twentieth century.

I hope you enjoy my book and I invite your comments. Maybe we will even join in a discussion about this complex media world we live in today.

1 thought on “A Print Journalist’s Story”

  1. I really enjoyed your book. You had an amazing job. And I am so glad to have gotten to know you at CSA.
    See you soon.


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